“TOYOTA Driving Experience Park
The largest full serviced test drive center of Toyota in the Asia-Pacific region
Mr. Kyoichi Tanada, Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (TMAP-MS), President of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TMAP-EM), and President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. (TMT) presided over the grand opening event of the Toyota Test Drive Center on 9th September 2015 at the TOYOTA Driving Experience Park located on Bangna-Trad Road.
Mr. Tanada stated “Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. opens the “TOYOTA Driving Experience Park” with the concept of Driving is Believing to offer the largest full service test drive center of Toyota in this region and serve the general public the test drive of all product lineups in the world’s standard technology equipped test tracks both on and off the road. This driving center projects Toyota’s determinations to develop the products with quality that can appeal customer’s confidence on Toyota vehicles’ driving performance.”
TOYOTA Driving Experience Park was designed by IngenAIX GMBH, German which is specialized in crafting world racing courses and driving centers. The Toyota Driving Center sets in 22-rai area or 35,200 sq.m. of land on BangNa Trad Km.3 Road. the Toyota Driving Center offers a unique opportunity to all visitors with 3 main areas inside.
3-storey Welcome Building that offers premium services
to all visitors since the first step into the driving
center’s door.
1st Floor : Customer lounge and Mini Showcase Area to exhibit Toyota’s avant-garde automobile innovations.
2nd Floor : Conference and seminar rooms featured with advanced equipments with a capacity of up to 400 pax.
3rd Floor : Rest area and restaurants
The On Road test course offers six unique tracks
to enjoy professional driving.
Station 1 : Multi Purpose Area
Multi-function area to establish familiarity between visitors and vehicles as long as to test stability. The station can be installed with the test maneuvers included double lane changes, a slalom course.
Station 2 : Dynamic Course
Track with varied road conditions to test acceleration rates, ABS, Brake Assist, VSC. The stations are constructed to allow testers to experience various test patterns that are safe and cause no harm to neither the driver and the vehicle including the Wet and Normal Condition, the Skidding & Normal Surface, and the Water Obstacle.
Station 3 : Acceleration Area
Tracks for the test of car acceleration rates at 0 – 100, transmission system, and engine performance.
Station 4 : Circular Track
Roundabout tracks to test the performance during curving. Ideal for the test of Over / Under Steering on various road conditions both Wet & Normal Condition and Skidding & Normal Surface
Station 5 : Road Condition Area
8-pattern Simulation Area including holes, ponds, road bumps, and bridges is designated for the test of cabin noise, vehicle vibration, riding control, and riding comfort.
Station 6 : Mini Closed Circuit
Test tracks that can be transformed to be 1.4 km. close mini circuit tracks to test the manageability of the system under high performance test driving conditions.
The Off- Road test course offers six unique tracks to enjoy extreme driving experience.
Station 1 : Slope Hill
Slope hill to test the HAC (Hill-Start Assist Control) and the DAC (Downhill Assist Control)
Station 2 : Flooding
Simulation Area with ponds for the test of A-TRC (Active Traction Control), Diff-Lock, and Four-Wheel Drive when the vehicle stays in the flooding area.
Station 3 : Dry River Bed
Simulation Area with extreme conditions which may generate abnormal driving conditions including pebble, sand, and slope hill for the test of the Four-Wheel as well as front and rear suspension systems.
Station 4 : 4x4 Tunnel
Narrow and slant tunnel to test the vehicle’s Four-Wheel Drive and slope angles.
Station 5 : Twist Track
Simulation Area that displays the situation when a vehicle are not able to well powered by its 4 wheels to portray the 4L mode, A-TRC (Active Traction Control), Diff-Lock, and Four-Wheel Drive.
Station 6 : Tree Track
Highly uneven surface tracks to test vehicle stability, Four-Wheel Drive, suspension, and riding comfort .
Mr. Tanada added “Visitors can enjoy jubilant and exceptional driving experience from our skillful instructors who passed the driving skill training course at the Toyota Mobilitas in Japan who are pleased to transfer the knowledge and offer enjoyable driving experience for general public including to foster advices on traffic safety driving.

We wish the “TOYOTA Driving Experience Park” would contribute driving safety skills to the Thai society as happiness that Toyota intends to offer you.”

TOYOTA Driving Experience Park
Operating hours : 8:30 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.
Starting from 9 September 2015 onwards
Register for the exceptional test drive of Toyota vehicles at
Website : www.toyotadrivingexperiencepark.com
Call Center : 02-396-0777
And countrywide Toyota dealership